About Linnea

I have felt a deep love and reverence for Nature, our Pachamama, my whole life. I was raised in the rolling hills and winding forests of Michigan, where I spent most of my time outside - cloudgazing, stargazing, drawing, painting, climbing trees, exploring woods and meadows, observing wildlife - connecting with the Spirit of the land (the Spirit that’s within all of us). These years spent in Nature playing and contemplating the Great Mystery of Life sparked up the fire of my creativity; this flame is fortified every time I anchor and commune with the Earth. Nature never fails us - she is always there to teach, to nurture, to transmute, to Awaken.

My relationship with my creativity is intertwined with the development of my spiritual path - my Hero’s Journey. This process of Self Discovery (and Self-Reclamation) has been the most simultaneously challenging and rewarding experience of my life - it has reminded me of my Purpose, power, and courage, and has prepared me to share my art with the world for the first time.

My Soul’s deepest intention and yearning is for my art to stir something within its viewers’ Psyches… a curiosity, a remembrance, a Knowing of the magical nature and infinite potential of our Selves and our Reality. I pray that the offering of my art will support the healing and Awakening of our planet’s Collective Consciousness during this unprecedented time in history.

With love, blessings, and gratitude,