Cosmic Serpent (Original Painting)

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Invite magic, vivid color, and positive energy into your space with the original "Cosmic Serpent" painting.

  • Original gouache painting on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton, hot-pressed, acid-free, 300 gsm bright white paper.
  • Painting is 4.25 x 5.5 inches.
  • Professionally matted and framed (approximate size with mat and frame is 8 x 9 inches).
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • Hand-painted signature.

Some notes on the meaning of this painting:

The snake is a totem steeped in rich symbolism from cultures and mystery traditions across Planet Earth, and is one of the most powerful symbols in the Collective Consciousness.

    • Because it sheds its skin, the snake is a symbol of transformation, death, and rebirth. It is a symbol of taking on a new identity, creating a new Reality for oneself, and leaving behind patterns of behavior and ways of thinking, being, believing, and acting that no longer serve.
    • In Greece the snake was a symbol of alchemy and healing. The god Hermes carried a staff upon which were entwined two snakes. This caduceus symbol is the primary symbol of modern medicine and doctors. It is a symbol of wisdom expressed through healing.
    • It is a symbol of the sexual and creative life force within humans (as is taught in Eastern traditions). It is a symbol of the Kundalini Awakening.
    • In Egypt it is believed the snake represented a state of Inner Sight and conscious creation of one's Reality. It was a symbol worn by those who were initiated. 
    • The ancient image of the ouroborus, the snake swallowing its own tail, is a symbol of eternity (and, in many spiritual traditions, a symbol of reincarnation).
    • Creator gods in the form of serpents are found in the Amazon, Mexico, Australia, Sumer, Egypt, Persia, India, the Pacific, Crete, Greece, and Scandinavia.
    • In Jeremy Narby's book The Cosmic Serpent, he explores the link between myths and molecular biology: from serpent deities described in many of our planet's cosmogonies, snake symbolism found in shamanic traditions across the planet (most notably Andean and Amazonian traditions), and the ways in which Western culture understands DNA. (This is one of the most mind-expanding and paradigm-shifting books I've ever read [and continue to revisit]). Is it possible the answers to humankind's most mysterious questions are encoded within the very fabric of our Reality? (What is the true nature of our Reality? Is DNA an ancient biotechnology? Through shamanic practices, is it possible to induce neurological changes that allow one to access information stored in DNA, alter instructions encoded in DNA, and effect changes in the physical body and one's "operating system" of consciousness?) 

For more information on snake symbolism and meaning, I encourage you to check out Ted Andrews' book , Animal Speak.